Energy Transition

The Netherlands is facing the challenge of making the economy and society almost CO2-neutral within 30 years. The Port of Rotterdam has picked up the gauntlet. This will be realised in various steps. For instance, industry is taking efficiency measures, including using residual heat to heat greenhouses and homes. CO2 will be stored in empty gas fields beneath the North Sea. And electricity and hydrogen will start to play a bigger role. This demands affordable electricity from sustainable sources such as sun, wind and water. Fossil raw materials must be replaced gradually with biomass, recycled materials and green hydrogen.
Join the excursion on Saturday 28 September to hear and see the challenges facing the Port of Rotterdam. The excursion will start with an interesting lecture on the transition to renewable energy sources. We will then arrange a unique tour past various projects, including Lyondell (Circular Steam Project), Gate terminal (LNG), the Slufter (solar panels) and the Halliade X. This is the world’s largest wind turbine and has been constructed on the Sif site.

This day will be held in Dutch. 

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