Fossils Day

Saturday the 22nd of February experienced palaeontologists and archaeologists will hold 'consultation hours' in FutureLand. On this day, the Maasvlakte 2 information centre will focus on fossils found on the Maasvlakte beach. Special attention during this edition for... micro-fossils!

Bones, artefacts, rocks and shell experts will be on hand to determine all your own finds. Take your finds with you and let the experts judge them! During lectures (in Dutch), experts provide background information and insights about life off our coast during the last Ice Age, when you were able to travel to England on foot, and tell about unique, recent finds.

Maasvlakte 2, the expansion of the port of Rotterdam, has been sprayed on with sand deeply extracted from the seabed of the North Sea. This sand is rich in fossils from times long gone. Bones, teeth and antlers, they all tell a story about the inhabitants of those days. Some 30,000 years ago, mammoths, hyenas and many other animal species populated the bottom of today's North Sea.

Determination of your finds

To find out more about your find you can consult these specialists:
> Charlie Schouwenburg
> Hansjorg Ahrens
  Naturalis Biodiversity Center
> Sander Schouten
  Reptiles, amphibians and mammals
> Jerry Streutker
  Mammals, fish, birds and amphibians
> Marcel Niekus
> Francien Dieleman
  Naturalis Biodiversity Center
> Dimitri Schiltmans
  Archaeologist - Municipality of Rotterdam
> Jurrien Moree
  Archaeologist - Municipality of Rotterdam

Information booths

The Bureau of Archaeological Research Rotterdam (BOOR) of the municipality of Rotterdam is present with a huge canvas with a fascinating story about the Mesolithic. The Workgroup Pleistocene Mammals (WPZ) is also present and provides information about paleontology. Martin van Hees tells all about metal detection on beach or land with his team of Found Lost. And also the Dutch Shark Society will be present again this edition and will enthusiastically teach you all about sharks and rays in Dutch waters.

Free kids workshops

Microfossils from Maasvlakte grit
Start: > 12.30 hrs & > 15.30 hrs
During this workshop (in Dutch) in FutureLand you will discover which fossils you can find in the grit of the Maasvlakte beach. And also what you have to look for in order to track them down. You will also search for fossils in the fresh grit of the Maasvlakte beach yourself. The fossils you discover can be viewed directly under a microscope and identified by the expert. Participation is free and for children up to 12 years old. You can take the fossils you find home with you!

Max 16 participants per workshop. Participation tickets can be picked up during the day at the information desk, where the principle applies: first come, first served.

Crafting with litter
Unfortunately not all the garbage ends up neat and tidy in a garbage can. A large part of the waste that wanders ends up in the sea via rivers, creating plastic soup. Not very pleasant at the beach, but mainly a threat to marine life. Bianca Tiegelaar van Bieklien collects litter. After she has washed this waste a source of raw materials and inspiration for works of art and crafts is created. Especially for this day Bianca comes with lots of material to make the most fun and imaginative crafts with children. And so you will not only make the world cleaner, but also more beautiful and imaginative! Do you craft with us? Guidance in Dutch.

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