Free entrance ticket FutureLand

FutureLand has been open again since Monday 1 June. An extensive protocol is in place to ensure a pleasant and responsible visit. These include the guidelines that apply during your visit to FutureLand.

Visitors need a (free) reservation with time slot. Access to FutureLand is only possible during this period of time. Tickets for the FutureLand Ferry and FutureLand Express are also available again online. Walking routes are indicated in the information centre and on board the bus and boat. The maximum number of persons allowed is also limited, so that the mandatory one and a half meter distance can be kept. Please note: for every visitor, including babies & children, a ticket must be reserved within a time slot.

To limit queues in front of the entrance, please arrive on time, but max. 10 min. before the start of the time slot. Please wait in your car until the reserved time slot starts. Are you coming a little later? No problem, the ticket provides access up to 15 minutes before the end of the time slot.

Are you unexpectedly unable to make your visit? Please don't forget to cancel. This allows us to grant access to as many people as possible, despite the limited maximum number of visitors per time slot.

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