FutureLand Ferry

Experience Maasvlakte 2 on the FutureLand Ferry

Come on board and see the new quays and container terminals of Maasvlakte 2. Experience for yourself how high a quay wall can be or just how colossal container cranes are when you sail past them on the FutureLand Ferry. You simply can’t get closer to the most modern port area in action!

Welcome aboard

Enjoy the stunning views from inside or from outside in the fresh air. During the trip, a very knowledgeable FutureLand guide will explain the definitive Maasvlakte 2 story, in Dutch. This story is not available anywhere else. The detailed information is provided in Dutch, factsheets are available in English and German. Or you can follow the audio tour in English and German on regular tours on your smartphone. Don’t forget your headphones!

The FutureLand Ferry operates every week from Tuesday to Friday and on Sundays. FutureLand is also open on Saturdays from May to September. We set sail on those days too. The FutureLand Ferry departs from and berths right in front of the entrance to the information centre and is accessible by wheelchair.

Tour Maasvlakte 1 & 2

The FutureLand Ferry regularly sets sail for a particularly extensive boat trip, taking you past the newest Maasvlakte 2 container terminals to Europahaven at Maasvlakte. Here you can witness the existing container terminals in full operation. The guide explains the differences and similarities between existing terminals and the new RWG and APM Terminals, where containers have been loaded and unloaded since 2014.

Reservations & cancellations

You should book for everyone going on the boat trip and/or tour, including (free) tickets for children under the age of 2 years old.

  • Tickets for activities such as tours, boat trips, workshops and lectures can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start, unless the activity contains a meal component.
  • Tickets with a meal component can be canceled free of charge up to 5 days before the start of the activity.
  • For cancellations after the aforementioned moment, a refund is not possible.
  • Tickets are interchangeable for people within the same price / age category.


Tickets Regular Children 3 till 11 years 
Children under age of 2 free
Maasvlakte 2 boat trip ticket € 10,50 € 8,50
Maasvlakte 1 & 2 boat trip ticket € 12,95 € 8,50

If you make a reservation for a boat trip and a bustour on the same day a 40% discount on the bustour applies.

Group outing for seafarers

Besides the regular sailings, the Ferry can also be used for exclusive group tours, with catering if required. If you’re considering a meeting tour, a company outing or simply a unique party, please do not hesitate to contact FutureLand for more information.

Ship ahoy!

A boat trip on the FutureLand Ferry is at your own risk. Please take the following into account:
> Children under 14 years of age may only participate if accompanied by an adult.
> FutureLand employees may exclude visitors from participation if they see cause to do so.
> A boat trip may be cancelled in the event of bad weather conditions or in other exceptional circumstances.
> Persons who rely on mobility aids may participate in the FutureLand Ferry tour, in consultation with the desk attendant. The safety of the passengers must be guaranteed in all cases.

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