Time travel through the port

Travel through 100 years of port development

By luxury coach from Rotterdam
Merwehaven, Waalhaven, Eemhaven, Botlek, Europoort and Maasvlakte. Across 40 kilometres you experience almost 100 years of port history. But you also see the Port of Rotterdam of tomorrow and the future. Because, for a promising future, you need space. A port expansion into the North Sea was the result of the continuous expansionism of Rotterdam. At Maasvlakte 2, 40 kilometres from the centre of Rotterdam, you stand face-to-face with that future.

Port comes to life

You travel by luxury coach from the bus platform at Rotterdam CS or Willemsplein at the base of the Erasmusbrug straight through the port to FutureLand information centre. En route, the port comes to life and you see the port areas with various forms of industry. In the heart of the development of the newest port area, this interactive information centre offers views across the most modern container terminals in operation. You also see the development of new offshore activities. And all the information about the development of Maasvlakte 2 is presented in an easily accessible and playful way. From FutureLand, you can take an extensive one-and-a-half-hour boat trip. Experience Maasvlakte 2 from the water, sail around offshore giant, Pioneering Spirit, the largest vessel in the world, and visit the Europahaven on the first Maasvlakte. Sail right beneath the highest container cranes, and pass by the very largest container ships and colossal quay walls. On board, an expert FutureLand guide will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the world’s most modern port. This day will be held in Dutch, a general audio tour is available via smart phone on board of the FutureLand Ferry and in the information center.


10.15 am Departure from Rotterdam CS
10.45 am Departure from Willemsplein
11.45 am Arrival at FutureLand
12.00 noon Boat trip starts
13.30 pm Visit FutureLand exposition
2.30 pm Departure from FutureLand to Rotterdam


This day trip costs € 19.50 per person. This includes:
> Transport by coach from Rotterdam to FutureLand
> Boat trip Container tour FutureLand Ferry, incl. free exciting port photo worth € 5.95
> A visit to FutureLand

Spido reservation

The day tour is offered on Sundays by Spido.

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