Do cool experiments at FutureLand

During the spring holiday, we’ll be organising all sorts of things to do for young and old.

The FutureLand information centre at Maasvlakte will be hosting, in Dutch, creative workshops, a free kids’ quiz and technical experiments for children. Our programme also includes a fossil hunting expedition and guided tours of the port area by bus or boat. Visit the centre for a special, temporary exhibition about the dredging of Nieuwe Waterweg, a huge underwater project that will allow even larger ships to enter the Botlek area. How much extra cargo can be carried in after the channel has been deepened?

Do fun technical experiments for free

Over the spring holiday, FutureLand will be organising another ‘kids’ lab’ with cool, new experiments. They’ll be doing these fun and educational experiments under the supervision of an enthusiastic supervisor. The children can gain new technical insights and discover for themselves which technological solutions are used in the development and operation of a cutting-edge port area. They’ll learn how to position containers into a stable stack under a range of conditions, for example.

Dutch spoken, no subtitles available

The kids will be setting to work for themselves under supervision. These experiments are suited for children in primary school groups 7 and 8 and older.

Kids' quiz

Children can participate with their parents/supervisors in a fun and engaging presentation, complete with a humorous video and a quiz. After this, they will be setting to work with their parents: embarking on an expedition in and around FutureLand. We’ve developed two difficulty levels for this ‘treasure hunt’: one for children aged 6 to 9 and one for children aged 10 and over. Participation in the kids’ tour is free of charge, and you don’t have to make a reservation.

Workshops for children

Rotterdam’s port is a wonderful source of inspiration. In this workshop, kids set to work with a range of materials to make a wonderful box diorama in the shape of a container. The workshop costs €3.95 per participant, which includes materials and support by art teacher Joanna Smolarz. Children can pull up a chair whenever they like, and you don’t have to reserve in advance.

For the youngest port visitors
Find the pictures on the card!

For our very youngest guests, we have a special pair of glasses you can use to discover fun pictures of the port throughout FutureLand. While you’re walking through the centre, be sure to stay on the look-out for panels that only have dots on them. Put on your cool specs and a picture magically appears before your eyes. Does it match one of the pictures on the card handed to you with your glasses? You can pick up your pair of glasses and a card free of charge at the information desk. And if you get everything right, we’ll give you a fun present.

Extra activity for adults: free walk-in presentation about some of the highlights of Rotterdam’s port area on Sunday, 24 February and Sunday, 3 March.

Go fossil hunting on Maasvlakte Beach

On Sunday, 24 February and Wednesday, 27 February, you can join us on a fossil hunting expedition along Maasvlakte Beach. When the new land was rainbowed on with sand extracted from the depths of the North Sea, all sorts of prehistoric remains came to light. Anyone who keeps a sharp eye out can actually discover fossilised remains from as far back as 30,000 years BCE. Don’t hesitate to register via www.futureland.nl

Exhibition about Nieuwe Waterweg
From deep to deeper

March 2018 saw the official start of the deepening of Nieuwe Waterweg and the Botlek port basins. In this project, Rijkswaterstaat and the Port of Rotterdam Authority joined strengths to ensure that in the near future, sea-going vessels with a draught of up to 15 metres will still be able to access Botlekhaven. This effectively increases the volume of cargo transported at a time by up to 50%. Which allows Rotterdam to keep competing with the best of them. The project involves bringing the Botlek basins to the required depth, as well as deepening a 25-km stretch of Nieuwe Waterweg, Het Scheur and Nieuwe Maas.

Visitors to FutureLand can learn all about this huge project in the special exhibition ‘From deep to deeper’. In the heart of the port area, they can see up close what’s involved in dredging up 5 million cubic metres of soil during a massive excavation. All the while surrounded by the over 130,000 vessels that call on Rotterdam every year, which keep moving through the project site 24/7. The channel bed also has various cables and pipelines for power, gas and telecommunications connections – none of which may be interrupted during the work. And wrecks and missiles need to be safely cleared beforehand. There are a lot of angles to this project, in other words – and FutureLand’s new temporary exhibitions tell you everything you’d like to know about them. Don’t get your feet wet!

Time travel through a century of port development

Every Sunday, a luxury coach departs from the bus platform at Rotterdam Central Station and Willemsplein at the foot of Erasmus Bridge and travels through the port area to the FutureLand information centre. Along the way, passengers are treated to a fascinating tour of the port’s history and the variety of industrial activities in its different corners. The interactive information centre is situated in the heart of Rotterdam’s youngest port area, which is buzzing with new developments. From here, visitors can see the hi-tech container terminals in action. From FutureLand, you can embark on an interesting and informative 90-minute boat tour. An expert on board the ferry will give you the full story on the world’s most advanced port area.

Practical information
The Port Time Travel tour is organised every Sunday by Spido Harbour Tours. To make a reservation, call +31 (0)10 275 99 88 or send an email to reserveringen@spido.nl.