Maasvlakte to gain 70-metre-tall radar tower

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has commissioned the construction of a new radar tower at a site near Prinses Maximaweg on the Maasvlakte 2 seawall.

This tower will be 70 metres tall and will take over radar coverage from Radar Post 2, as the former lighthouse on Europaweg is referred to in the Traffic Guidance System (VBS). The 67-m Radar Post 2 – at one time the Netherlands’ tallest lighthouse – is scheduled for demolition since it has reached the end of its structural lifespan. In addition, the radar coverage provided by Post 2 has been compromised by the appearance of more and more obstacles like cranes across Maasvlakte. This also explains the Port Authority’s decision to erect the new radar tower on the seawall.


Besides supporting a radar system, the new tower will also accommodate VHF equipment for communications with local shipping. In addition, the radar tower will handle data communications via terrestrial transmission with the Goeree Light Platform, which is located some 30 kilometres south-west of Hoek van Holland. This platform supports shipping traffic with both a lighthouse and various Vessel Traffic Services facilities, including a radar system and hydrological/meteorological equipment.

The exterior of the radar tower has been brought in line with the Port Authority’s policy to maintain a visually attractive port and industrial area – so that people will continue to enjoy this area as place to visit and recreate in. This means that a lot of attention was put into the design of the radar tower – which is also 100% recyclable. Following a European invitation to tender, it was decided to adopt the sustainable design entered by main contractor Hollandia Infra and Syb van Breda Architects. The pre-rusted, weatherproof steel tower will have a slender and light silhouette. This design will be elaborated in further detail in the coming year, after which the various parts will be prefabricated at the site of Hollandia Infra. This allows for a very short construction period on location, and work on the new tower will be rounded off in the spring of 2018.